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Hello, my name is Pach Deng and I’m a 23-year-old recent college graduate — majoring in Psychology and Sport Science. My mom migrated to Australia with my family to start a new life after living in a refugee camp as a result of war breaking out in Sudan.

I was born in a refugee camp in Kenya, raised in Adelaide, South Australia and now live in Melbourne with my family.

I’m currently a freelance writer and podcaster ‘Patience Mindset’ — looking to work in sports media.

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Most people seem to consider that emotion — especially negative emotions as something that happens to them.

Often the culprit is another person or an event out in the world. We might think he or she said something to make me angry or inadequate. Or I’m upset because of my car has a flat type. But try to view your negative emotions more like a repetitive behaviour — you are practising. When you react to what someone says or do, your mind goes into autopilot and lets out a negative emotion.

Anger, fear, sadness, envy; these are actions of a…

Rejection & Dejection

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Rejection hurts. Anyone that tells you any different is lying. It can make you sad, hurt, surprised, or angry. If often feels personal, like we weren’t good enough for someone or something.

But the other day I had a conversation with my of my best friends who happened to be a girl — about rejection.

We had a long conversation about rejection. For example, how do men and women handle — when it comes to dating? I asked her, out of the dates she been on, how many of those — did she asked the guys out?

Her answer, “zero”…

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A individual who fears suffering is already suffering from what they fear.

Suffering is inherent in the human condition of life. The human body and mind is a temple of misery — and there is nothing we can do about it. No matter how much people spend, they are still miserable. Why should people suffer bodily, miserable condition? It’s called attachment. We are attached to bodily enjoyment. We are like addicts and sense-enjoyment is our drug.

Suffering is basically the mind’s refusal to accept reality as it is.

The singular cause of suffering is ignorance. The solution is to replace…

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We all know when we are in the presence of outstanding people — we can just feel it.

They have something special inside of them we wish we possessed inside of us — the good news is we are all capable of excellence. It begins with a mindset shift. It is helpful to spend time learning about understanding people — and bear witness to how they do what they do to be who they are.

As we learn about them, all we have to do is emulate their character attributes and — own them as our own.

Outstanding isn’t something…

So really useful tips, getting feedback I've found is one of the best ways to become better at interviews. And remember that, you are also interview the organisation/place you want to work at. It's a two way street.

Stoicism has simply changed my mindset and lifestyle over couple years. I've more confident than I've ever been, more productive, going after what I want and see obstacles as lessons to become better. Mostly thanks to you Ryan, read all of your books. I appreciate all that you do.

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As of May 10th 2021, it will be exactly one year since I quit Facebook for good.

It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made — at least about my online life. Before that, I had been using Facebook since I was 14 years old, 2010 to be exact.

I joined the social networking site because of curiosity and keep up with my friends.

You’re probably wondering — what made me quit Facebook? Well, for a couple of reasons: I waste too much time scrolling and procrastinating and started to feel the negative psychological effects of perpetual social…

Congrats on getting the job. It's not always easy to get rejected and your persistence and hard work paid off.

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We all have that annoying inner critic voice in our heads. It stops most people from pursuing opportunities for growth as a result of fear or self-imposed beliefs. Our inner critic voice is so nagging and believable — if you are not careful, it will have you thinking negative and unkind thoughts about yourself.

Some people believe their inner critic is there to motivate them to become better, however that could not be further from the truth.

It’s important to understand that your inner critic isn’t driven by logic, so arguing with it is a waste of time. …

Pach Deng

BSc Psychology. Writer—exploring the intersection of self-growth, mindfulness and resilience. Free newsletter:

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